Your Neighborhood Roofer

Three people in a modern office setting, smiling and engaging in a conversation with documents on a wooden table, art on the wall behind.

You’ve heard us say it. You’ve seen it on social media. If you’ve talked to any of our team members, you’ve sensed it in our attitudes… but what does it truly mean when we say we are your neighborhood roofer?

When you think of your ideal neighbor – you think of someone willing to lend a hand when you need it. Someone that you’ll see at the grocery store or gas station that waves when they notice you. Someone that makes an impact to better your community.

The home improvement industry is full of salespeople who are just looking to make a dollar. It doesn’t matter to those sales people what their homeowners situation is. Whether they’re in a tight spot or don’t know where to start, those types of people look at it as an opportunity to take advantage.

Our team takes pride in putting homeowners first. We treat everyone we meet like our neighbor

When we bring someone new onto our team – we ask them about their values and what our promise to our clients means to them. We bring people in from our community who have served as teachers, police officers, and more. These are the people that make an impact. They make a difference in our company and our community. Our team cares about our local residents and will do everything in our power to help them.

That’s why we’re proud to be #yourneighborhoodroofer.

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