Roof Types

Whether your home was hit by a nasty storm or your roof was showing signs of aging and you couldn’t keep up with repairs, you decided to call for an inspection. Your roofing contractor informs you that there is too much damage. The time has come to replace the biggest piece of your home – your roof.

There’s a few decisions that have to be made before the installation begins. The type of material you choose for your roof may be the most important. There are a few determining factors to consider when picking a material.

  • Color Options
  • Lead Times on Materials
  • Cost
  • Lifespan of Materials

Different materials have different positives and negatives. The choice of material must be decided after weighing the options with your roofing contractor.

Asphalt roofs are the most cost effective options with a range of color options. The lifespan tends to fall between 15-25 years without proper upkeep. While they are easy to install, they are easily damaged by storms and may require repairs down the road.

Cement roofs are the most durable roofs with the ability to withstand wind, rain, and hail. They land in the middle with the costs associated but the lifespan extends to 50+ years. While cement roofs are a good option for newer homes, there may be issues with older homes being able to hold the weight of the roof.

Metal roofs have the second longest lifespan of 60+ years with a large upfront cost for materials and installation. While the look of a metal roof may be appealing, it can easily be dented from a strong hail storm or falling branch.

Slate roofs combine the positive aspects of almost all other roofing materials. The lifespan exceeds concrete roofs, they increase home appeal, they are durable and relatively low maintenance. The downfalls include the weight of the materials and the upfront cost.

While the decision on what material you use on your home is your decision, it may be worth it to consult your roofing contractor before making a decision. With the experience and expertise on different types of roofing, you’ll be able to confidently say you made the best decision for your home with their help.

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